About Us

From our family to yours


At Biehl Farms, our family takes great pride in producing quality beef for your family. We are a small family farm that operates on just over 100 acres. Our beef is raised and finished on our farm, allowing us to ensure our beef is healthy and is as stress free as possible at all times. Our beef does NOT have any added hormones, antibiotics or steroids.  

We are proud to produce a healthy natural product that you know how and where it was raised.

Calm and stress free Cattle


We do our best to raise calm and stress free  cattle. We believe  this not only produces a healthier animal, but it is much safer for the entire heard. 

Quality and demand


We refuse to compromise on quality with our beef.That's why we only sell beef we have raised and finished ourselves. This can sometimes leave us with a shortage of specialty cuts and ground beef. However, advanced orders will always be filled.